Friday, 10 April 2009


This is going to be a very boring semester. Java is really interesting but also complicated for a beginner. Compared to Python, it feels like a mature language and you have to think (more) about what you're doing. Formal Syntax is complex and time-consuming, especially for me, since I'm not into Syntax. I'm more interested in semantics and therefore Logic is quite fancy - although sometimes it's as boring as Math. Acoustic phonetics hasn't started yet and Artificial Intelligence is fun but often too superficial - we aren't concerned with Natural Language Processing. Hence I plan to do a small pragmatic series on AI and to recap what I'll learn in the course. I also took two courses in English: Translation into German (boring as hell) and English to the 1700 century (boring lecturer), but they aren't worth to mention.

Finally, there's no post in my blogroll which could wake my interest. Except - well, in a not so positive way - for a news on Eureka Alert. This is one of the cases which I'd entitle 'the most unspectacular findings - that are no findings because everybody already knows - in science'. The study says that music is culturally independent when it comes to convey (certain) emotions. Well, everyone who's listened to a song in another language knows this. The study goes one step further and investigates the influence of music from fundamentally different cultures: Language of music really is universal, study finds